Keenetic Comes to Turkey

Our family keep on growing thanks to today's Keenetic Turkey opening. The presentation event in Istanbul got together our Hong Kong and Turkey teams to share the closest go-to-market plans with media representatives.
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Keenetic Joins a Global Let's Encrypt® Movement

Increasingly home Wi-Fi routers are being targeted by cyber criminals. User security, protection from fraudulent use of identities and data integrity have always been an absolute priority of Keenetic, which is why Keenetic is proud to sponsor Let’s Encrypt — a free, automated, and open certificate authority provided by The

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Keenetic Is on a Hunt for Intl distributors

Keenetic Distributors will enjoy:

  • Highly competitive margins

  • A range of very well built, highly specified smart routers, that can match every budget and every operational scale with built-in automatic software update capabilities and modular connectivity that allows Keenetic to grow with the client's needs and wishes

  • Keenetic’s global product

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